French Sparkles & Coffee Tables

One of my favorite “sort-of” hobbies is painting furniture with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Of course, everyone on planet earth is doing the same thing so I thought I would share a recent project in which I was able to add something different to the mix.

My cousin is moving into her very first apartment (finally!).  I decided to get her this ridiculously ugly coffee table that I found on Facebook for only $30.  It’s an Ikea table so it is automatically modern looking, so distressing the paint probably wouldn’t look quite right.


My cousin told me they are getting a hand-me-down navy blue leather sofa for the living room.  I decided to use Annie Sloan’s French Linen for my paint.  Nice and solid with a clear wax finish.


This past weekend, I finally got it up enough to get to work on the table.  I first cleaned the table using Method’s All Purpose Cleaner.  You should never use any sort of Pledge or similar product on wood that you are going to paint because it will create a oily film that is impossible to paint over.  I use Method because it is non-toxic & cheap.  Pretty much a step above soap & water.


After my first coat of French Linen, I took a small break.  About an hour later I came back and put on my 2nd coat.  This is one of the reasons I love Annie Sloan.  It dries so fast!  Another thing I love is that it is non-toxic, so I can paint indoors with worrying about fumes.  I paint right in my bedroom and layout a few cut-open garbage bags for the mess.

After I was finished with the 2nd coat, I realized it still needed something.  SOMETHING!  But what?  My husband jokingly suggested “glitter.”  At first I laughed at him, then paused, then was like, “holy crap that’s brilliant!”


I hauled my ass to Michael’s and got a small bottle of Martha Stewart’s acrylic glitter paint in silver.  I decided I wanted to create a very subtle glimmer to the top and sides of the table.  I didn’t want to over do it or make it too obvious.


I decided to mix the sealing Annie Sloan clear wax with a dab of the glitter paint.  I mixed them together on my lint-free cloth and went to work, rubbing down the top of the table in large circular moves.  I continued to do the entire table, continually buffing the glitter/wax combo I was laying down.


24 hours later, I took a clean lint-free cloth and went over the entire table again, buffing it out.  The results are exactly what I was hoping for!  There is just enough glitter shine.  At certain angles, you can’t even see it, but when you do- PERFECT!


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