Blue Apron Fail: Chickpea Burgers

I’m Blue Apron’s biggest fan.  I swear I am.  If you are wondering what exactly Blue Apron is, you obviously don’t have a tv or radio or pay attention to anything. Ever. Anyways, Blue Apron is a subscription delivery service.  You choose 3 of 6 recipes every week and they send you a box filled with all the ingredients (measured out, so no waste) to cook 3 meals.

Blue Apron has pretty much saved my life for the past 2 years.  If I didn’t have Blue Apron, my poor child would probably only eat past, tuna fish and Subway for dinner every night.  I have absolutely no imagination when it comes to cooking, so I thank goodness there’s a company to rely on for that.


Usually, I am very pleased with what Blue Apron sends me.  I’m astounded at the fact that I now know what “farro” and “forbidden rice” are.  My friends are also impressed.  After I cook a meal, I post my accomplishment on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter just to show off.  I’ve inspired at least 15 friends to try Blue Apron.  Who wants to think about what to make for dinner?  It makes life easier- and anything that makes life easier, I’m PRO!

Anyways, so once in a while, Blue Apron will miss the mark completely.  I follow the directions to the T and yet, FAIL!  This is what happened last night when I attempted the “Vadouvan Chickpea Burgers with Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds & Yogurt Sauce.

First of all, yes, I get that sweet potatoes are in season right now, Blue Apron, but they really didn’t have a place in this meal.  I felt like the entire meal was just a boat-load of carbs.  They could have done a nice chickpea side salad or something but not sweet potato rounds (again, mind you).


Second, if you’ve ever tried to cook a “chickpea burger” you know that it is basically a glorified falafel ball.  Unless you deep fry that fucker, it’s gonna be a major smush-fest.  I took one bite into the smushy raw-feeling falafel wannabe and wanted to barf.  And then I realized that it totally resembled barf.

Oh well, Blue Apron, until next time.  I still love you!

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3 thoughts on “Blue Apron Fail: Chickpea Burgers

      1. That’s sad 😦 I guess we just to keep thinking about new recipes until there comes a Blue Apron here. Anyway, thanks for looking it up for me! 🙂


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