Gals Getaway: Napa

If there is one thing I am an expert in, it’s planning a girls weekend trip to Napa.  I’ve been doing it every year for the last 5 years and I am always learning the better ways to do everything.

For instance, our first year, we flew into SFO from LAS, which was a mistake.  Oakland is a much easier airport to exit from, rent a car, etc…After the first year, it was Southwest Air to OAK.

Another thing I learned from the first year: do NOT plan a champagne tasting as the first tasting of the day.  My friends were wrecked after that, and each stop thereafter was just a stepping stone to the vomitorium.

The first year was also the only year we hired a limo to take us around on wine-tasting day.  I found it is much easier, less pretentious, and a lot less expensive to hire a company like, My Napa Valley Driver.  They show up to your hotel and drive YOUR car/rental car around for a fraction of the price of a limo.  Everyone is safe.  No one gets a DUI.  Win-win!

Finally, a sit-down lunch on wine-tasting day is not necessary (again, Vomitorium).  There are these amazing delis around town, where you can go in or pre-order your picnic lunch, eat there, or take it with you.  Many wineries have outdoor picnic areas for you to enjoy.

I’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites around Napa.  Here they are:

Favorite Hotel for groups of 3 or 4:


Silverado Resort & Spa, Napa.  Why?  Instead of a hotel room, you can get these cute ranch-style houses along a golf course with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.  They have kitchens and living rooms and a patio area along with a driveway for your car.  It’s comfortable and easy!

Favorite dinner restaurant: 


REDD, Yountsville.  Why?  I ask myself, why?  And I close my eyes and get suddenly excited about reliving a moment at REDD.  Every experience we’ve had there has been amazing.  It’s just perfect.  Go!

Favorite brunch spot:


Farmstead, St. Helena. Why?  Hot potato rolls.  The end.

Favorite Winery For Relaxation:

Paraduxx patio.jpg

Paraduxx, Napa.  Why? Sit outside on comfortable couches in a lovely setting, where they bring you glass after glass of blends.  I’m in.

Favorite Winery Tour:


Toss up between Schramsberg, Calistoga and Hess, Napa.  The champagne at Schramsberg and the story behind the family and the wine is beautiful.  The art gallery at Hess is an experience.  Do both!

Here are our itineraries from the past 5 years.  You can see how it’s progressed, the places we keep going back to, etc… This past year, we decided to go to the west side to Santa Rosa and Healdsburg.  We were extremely pleased and found it a little less obnoxious, more laid back.

I should also point out that we have NEVER had a bad meal.  You have to try REALLY hard to find a bad meal.  Definitely make reservations in advance for EVERYTHING.  They go fast!






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