Dining Out Las Vegas : Harvest

Oh no.  Not another “Farm to Table” hipster restaurant.  Oh yes, but let’s cross out the word hipster.  Definitely too expensive to be hipster.  Still, Chef Roy Ellamar‘s take on “Farm to Table” is almost too perfect.

Let’s start from the beginning.  Harvest is located at the still-fancy Bellagio in Las Vegas.  Yes, it is not one of the newest and hippest spots but when a new restaurant opens, it really doesn’t matter where it is, as long as it peaks my interest.

So, we sit down, and I immediately fell in love with the place setting.  If I had a bigger purse, that shit would be mine!  IMG_4587

We ordered oysters (no choice, just daily, 6 for $18) and charred octopus (hell fucking yes).  The octopus was so good, that I now have a standard set in my head of how all octopus should be prepared from here on in.  IMG_4588

For my main course I got a $42 Alaskan Halibut with artichokes, snap peas, baby carrots, spinach veloute.  It was so amazing , I had to refrain from licking my plate clean. My friend got the much less expensive farro porridge with foraged wild mushrooms, slow cooked farm egg, and black truffle. IMG_4590IMG_4589

For dessert they send around a sort of candy cart.  Choose 3 things off of it for $10. I got the Crème Brûlée, Hazelnut donut thingy and a cream puff type thing.  All three were delicious.  IMG_4593

Everything was so good that on our way out, we saw a couple checking out the menu to the tolerable Jasmine restaurant and told them to stop looking and get their butts over to Harvest for their best meal (probably of their whole trip).

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