Ahoy! Anchor Bracelets!

Are anchor bracelets passé yet?  I really hope not, cause I’m a fan.  I’m around jewelry and watches all day long but I still shop from other sites when there is something I REALLY want.  Here’s a few places to start your collection.

1. Thread Etiquette

IMG_1630-a-1I love the unisex and inexpensive Thread Etiquette bracelets.  This is the one I purchased myself and I’ve been wearing it most days.  I don’t even feel it on my wrist which is key. For only $27, can you really go wrong?  I admit, it took my a minute to figure out how to adjust it, but once I did, it was smooth sailing!

2. David Yurman


Ok, you have more money than me and you want to show it?  Great!  Get yourself a David Yurman anchor bracelet.  Sterling silver with pavé blue sapphires for $895.  Gorgeous!

3. Pure Vida

anch-silv-sag_1024x1024For something a bit more youthful, and by youthful, I mean a bracelet made of string and “silver plate” (which kind of scares me but whatevs), go to Pure Vida for an array of colorful choices- for only $24.

4. Miansai

sky_blue_ma_rose (1)Miansai makes beautiful and modern leather goods.  Their anchor bracelets are quite stunning and I think that may be my next purchase. $85 for rose gold-plated anchor and vegetable-tanned Italian leather.

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