Your Mother Deserves Better

I’m one of the most thoughtful gift givers that’s ever lived.  It’s a sickness, really.  It constantly sets me up for major disappointment in life.  No one will ever measure up to me when it comes to giving gifts, therefore, I’m basically fucked as far as receiving gifts goes.  I know, I know- woe is me.  Anyways, here’s a short list of gifts for 4 different types of moms and the gifts I would get them (without breaking the bank).

  1. The Eclectic Mom

    1128885586753494115_bc79ff8c2600She’s the cool, funny mom.  The one that can take a joke- or be the butt of the joke. She obviously really needs this Solar Powered Waving Queen. It serves absolutely no purpose.  It is basically more clutter for your house or desk, but it’s pretty darn funny and who DOESN’T want a solar powered waving queen, really?  It’s only $25 and you can find it on

  2. The Trendy Mom

    026.5S.DXS.T_actualShe’s stylish and likes to be the first to try new things.  She has taste and wants something that you can’t find on every street corner.  Enter the TeNo Stainless Steel MoRes bracelet with a wrap-around Italian leather braid that comes in 2 sizes and a stainless steel magnetic clasp with a criss-cross design.  This bracelet is $195 and available at

  3. The Best Friend Mom

    1127314923680962249_a91f15055abfThis is the mom that you can pal around with.  Joke with.  The one whose shoulder you cried on when your boyfriend cheated on you.  The one who can drink you under the table.  She’s fun, funny, cool mom!  For her, I like the Stripper Mother’s Day Card. Maybe throw in a gift card to her favorite store, but it’s the kind of card that can also stand alone and be perfect.  Only $5 on

  4. The Classic Mom

    hexagon-bracelet-cThis mom is the classy ever-so-popular soccer-type mom.  She’s had the same hair style for the last 30 years.  She cooks dinner at least 4 times a week, she takes some sort of class at the local annex, and she loves her children.  Get her this timeless and elegant gold finish Hexagon bracelet from Mark & Graham.  On special now for only $59.  Have it personalized with her initials at no extra charge!

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